Sunday, July 24, 2011

Qasidah Muhammadiah

Muhammad is the most noble of the Arabs and the non-Arabs,

Muhammad is the best of those who walk by footsteps,

Muhammad encompasses all that is good,

Muhammad is the owner of excellence and nobility,

Muhammad is the crown of the Messengers of Allah, without exception,

Muhammad is the most truthful in words and speech,

Muhammad is firm in his promise, guarding it,

Muhammad is good-natured in manners and character,

Muhammad, his nature was given light to drink,

Muhammad, his light has continued from ancient time,

Muhammad judges with justice, possessing honour,

Muhammad is a treasure-trove of blessings and wisdom,

Muhammad is the best of the creation of Allah, from the lineage of Mudar,

Muhammad is the best of all the Messengers of Allah,

Muhammad, his way of life is truth, we follow it with him,

Muhammad, comprehensive excellence, truly is his distinguishing mark,

Muhammad, his mention is a refreshment for our souls,

Muhammad, thanking him is an obligation upon the communities,

Muhammad is the adornment of the world and its splendour,

Muhammad is the one who removes the grief and the gloom,

Muhammad is a master, his virtuous deeds are delightful,

Muhammad, the Merciful shaped him with kindness,

Muhammad, the elite of the Creator and His choice,

Muhammad, innocent of all accusations,

Muhammad laughs for his guest, honouring him,

Muhammad, by Allah! His neighbour is never harmed,

Muhammad, the world became pleasant through his mission,

Muhammad, he came with proofs and wisdom,

Muhammad, on the day of the raising of mankind, he is our intercessor,

Muhammad, his light is the guide out of darkness,

Muhammad, standing for Allah, filled with eagerness,

Muhammad is the Seal of all the Messengers,

(Our Lord, bless and send peace, eternally and forever,

Upon Your beloved, the best of all creation.)

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